This page will show the most current rebate information for the installation of geothermal heat pumps.  Your pre-qualified installer will help you fill out all the forms.  Please call us at 1-580-688-3342 if you have any questions.

Harmon Electric's geothermal heat pump rebate program beginning in 2019 provides a $1,000 per ton rebate for all geothermal system installations meeting the minimum efficiency requirements of 15.9 EER / 3.3 COP for closed loop systems and 18.0 EER / 3.6 COP for open loop systems.  Rebates will no longer be provided for GSHP to GSHP replacement.  

* Minimum efficiency is as measured by AHRI Ratings during second stage operation.

* "Tons" are the unit by which heating and air conditioning systems are sized and measured.  Your pre-qualified installer will do a Manual J Calculation to determine the exact amount of tons your home needs.

* Example:  Member having a 4 ton unit installed will get a rebate of $1,000 per ton for a total of $4,000.  The member will receive a check from Harmon Electric after the system has been installed and inspected.