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Harmon Electric Members Find Out Heating & A/C is Costing Them Big Money

January 15, 2016

Heating, cooling and hot water costs make up about 60-80% of your energy bills.  If you have propane, it could be even more.  All that to say that you could save some serious money by updating your central heating and air conditioning system.  We have a new program to help you get the most advanced system for a great cost.  We are sending out large rebates on geothermal heat pumps ($1,050 per ton).  Plus, you qualify for a 30% tax credit through December 31, 2016.  After considering all the incentives, you can get a geothermal heat pump system for about the same price (or even less) than a standard heat pump system.

That means if you are building a new home, or thinking about replacing your heating and a/c system, you should investigate a geothermal heat pump.  They can save you 25-40% on your energy costs or even more if you have propane right now.

Check out our redesigned website to get the most up to date information and find the most experienced, best priced installers in your area!

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